Thanks, Allen.  

And I thought your ethics presentation raised numerous points of which the mediators were not aware. Your presentation and the program as a whole were so well-received that even people, who attended the program are asking for videos of it. I count myself in that group.

Your slide show was super well-organized and, on my computer, very easy to read.  I really liked the way you formatted it, with the rules on the left and with questions and observations on the right.  You shared a lot of personal experiences, which brought things to life.  I also liked your way of coming across in the program, steady, self-assured, and authoritative (in a good way).  

Next time I have a real estate deal–I’m gonna check in with your family dynasty!  I just sold a condo in Carlsbad in early July, so the timing turned out to be perfect.  In one week, there were 3 cash offers over the asking price.  Personally, I’ve never had that experience.  Of course, once I saw the market beginning to crash, I went into full sales mode and immediately hired an agent. cleared out the place, and moved the property fast.  Lucky me.

Now I can see why USD loves having you as an instructor.  And what a small world–Monty was one of your students!


Mediation Offices of Gregg F. Relyea, Esq.